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Roots : Foundations on Parkour Workshop

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PARKOUR (PK) : A discipline that focuses on efficiency of movement to negotiate between and overcome obstacles. It may be used to aid oneself or others in times of urgent situations, or as a means of creative expression around spaces. Parkour involves ‘seeing’ one’s environment in a new way, and imagining the potentialities for movement around it.

On August 23-24, 2014 (Saturday and Sunday), Parkour Philippines (PKPH), the first and most influential Parkour organization in the country, will be holding a 2-day foundational Parkour urban outdoor workshop for a limited few. Entitled ROOTS, this workshop will introduce and instill the basic skills and philosophies of Parkour to each beginner and novice participant, thereby empowering each to traverse through each’ journey into the discipline. In ROOTS, participants will be led to understand the basic mechanics behind moving safely and efficiently around obstacles, be able to appreciate and work with everyday environments in aim of becoming better at Parkour, and lastly, be able to understand discipline of training in building a strong body thus enabling each to progress in skill as safely and fulfilling as possible. 

For inquiries, feel free to comment below, reach us through,, email, or mobile +639234450140.

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PARKOUR PHILIPPINES(PKPH) is a non-profit organization formed in 2004, aiming to promote and positively represent Parkour in the Philippines. The organization serves as a mechanism to cultivate Parkour’s underlying value-filled principles in the local community, hence contributing to the global Parkour movement. Click here for more information.




Drawn to parkour after seeing a documentary film on Philippine national television back in 2008, Ian began training with the pioneers of the discipline in the Philippines, Parkour Philippines (PKPH). Moving to Singapore in early 2012, Ian continues to develop his skill and strength, understanding the discipline deeper, of which has led him to earn an internationally recognized Parkour certification program, ADAPT Lvl 1. As such, he also shares his knowledge and experience as one of the coaches at Singaporean-based Parkour school Superfly Monkey Dragons. With over half a decade of dedicated training under his belt, the determination for rigorous training and learning has only grown stronger, thereby motivating him to take his journey through physical athleticism further by aiming to earn his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certificate via the National Strength and Conditioning Assocation early next year.

Aside from Parkour, Ian dabbles in other movement disciplines such as gymnastics and pole dancing, and has keen interests in cinematography and film editing.

For Ian's Parkour training videos, check out


Ken is one among a handful of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) in the Philippines. His passion for physical athleticism, health and wellness started out during his stints as a student athlete in his formative years at Xavier School, then to continue while taking up his undergraduate degree at Ateneo De Manila University. With notable practice in corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from sales, to non-profit, social entrepreneurship, media production, education, psychology, branding and marketing, graphic design, web infopreneurship and management consultancy, Ken is now focusing all his know-how into the educational initiative, STRONGERxDESIGN. Ken now seriously dabbles into self-defense disciplines, calisthenics, gymnastics and Parkour – of which he is now part of the core leadership team running the first ever formed and most influential Parkour organization in the Philippines, Parkour Philippines (PKPH).

In his downtime, aside from enjoying his outdoor life, he likes to read/listen to books/audiobooks & podcasts varying between non-fiction – economics, biographical short stories, technology, history, philosophy, science, China – and fiction – Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series, A Song of Ice and Fire, Jack Reacher series, etc. He loves the occasional Halo-Halo from Razon’s, a big Snicker’s bar, a bag of chocolate chip cookies and some large cold milk tea.



DATES & TIME: August 23-24, 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) / Strictly 830am-630pm
VENUE: Rafael Cortina Sports Center, Xavier School, San Juan City (map:
WORKSHOP FEE: Regular Rate is P3,500, deadline of registration on or before August 20, 2014 (Wednesday). Early Registration Promo is P3,000 for completed registrations on or before August 15, 2014 (Friday).  Group of 3 participants whom are able to meet the registration deadline of August 20, 2014 are also eligible for the P3,000 fee. If availing of the Group of 3 Promo, please notify us upon registration at or mobile +639234450140.
NO OF PARTICIPANTS: 15 (additional 6 for partners and sponsors)

Fee inclusive of nutritionally-designed packed lunches for 2 days. Also expect freebies/discounts from the event sponsors!



  • Be in comfortable clothes and rubber shoes
  • Bring 2-3 extra pairs of shirts and shorts
  • Blindfold / big handkerchief 
  • Lots of water. At least a gallon. We kid you not.
  • First aid kit, if available
  • Signed print-out of this: RELEASE WAIVER AND QUITCLAIM document



  1. Fill-out the ROOTS REGISTRATION FORM below.
  2. Download, print-out, read and sign this document: RELEASE WAIVER AND QUITCLAIM. If a minor, 18yrs below upon registration, have your parents or legal guardians sign the document. Please bring the document on the day of the workshop. STRICT COMPLIANCE: NO SIGNED DOCUMENT, NO PARTICIPATION, NO REFUND.
  3. Deposit 50% of fee to BDO account no 6580047657, name Ken Randy Go Tan. Take a photo of the deposit slip and send to together with the name of the participant. Only then will your registration be deemed applicable to the EARLY REGISTRATION PROMO or REGISTRATION DEADLINE.
  4. Complete the remaining 50% fee balance, and submit the printed and signed RELEASE WAIVER AND QUITCLAIM before the start of ROOTS' day 1.
  5. ENJOY!
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